Laslo Pedestal – Small

Laslo Pedestal (Small) – Teal TourmalineLaslo Pedestal (Small) – SapphireLaslo Pedestal (Small) – RubyLaslo Pedestal (Small) – PeridotLaslo Pedestal (Small) – Koi OrangeLaslo Pedestal (Small) – EbonyLaslo Pedestal (Small) – CopperLaslo Pedestal (Small) – CitrineLaslo Pedestal (Small) – AquamarineLaslo Pedestal (Small) – AmethystLaslo Pedestal (Small) – Amber 1Laslo Pedestal (Small) – Amber

Laslo Pedestal – Small

A classic waterfall design makes it easy to display large objects de art or collectable accents. Clear acrylic is sheathed in a colored coating, giving dual illusions depending upon viewing angle. Available in medium and large versions that can be paired as a nesting set.

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Teal Tourmaline

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