About Us

Bea Pila and Gabi Gonzalez, the mother-daughter team behind B. Pila Bespoke

As an Interior Designer for nearly three decades, Bea Pila has uncovered fantastic furnishings, inspired by their visual story. Vintage pieces particularly compel her for their uniqueness and addition of character to a space.  But the challenge with these one-of-a-kind pieces is just that….the beauty of specialness is limited to that single item.

This designer game of hide & seek compelled Pila to create her own collection of the very pieces she envisions, yet has trouble finding; the iconic chair, the perfectly-scaled cocktail table, a glamourous bench to perch by the bed or fire, a bar table that accommodates a crowd without crowding the space, statement shelving that showcase beloved items with flair, accessories that symbolize natural beauty and heritage, furniture with the right blend of classic sophistication and modern edge.

The resulting works are more art than design, each featuring an array of customization elements and unexpected blend of materials.  Many techniques rely upon nature, creating beautifully unusual finishes, as well as transfer man-made artistry to the furniture forms.  As imple change in options can completely transform the pieces, offering specialness of a one-of-a-kind piece with the ordering ease and high-level quality of an established line.  The true gift of furnishings by B.Pila Design; however, is their ability to inspire use and help one discover their sacred space.